The Terrible Trickster

Someone is playing tricks at Flamant Castle. At first they seem funny, but Sir Benedict not amused. He thinks the trickster Tommy – and unless stop, he will send her away from castle! Can find out who real before she banished forever?

Someone’s playing naughty tricks on the residents of Flamant Castle and blame’s fallen Tommy Can she find out truth? Another adventure in Sword Girl series featuring feisty Thomasina.

Manifestations of the Trickster persona such as cryptids, elementals, werewolves, demons, vampires and dancing devils have permeated human experience since before dawn civilization. But today, very little is publicly known about The Tricksters. Who are they? What their agenda? Known by many names including fools, sages, Loki, men-in-black, skinwalkers, shapeshifters, jokers, jinn, sorcerers, witches, Tricksters provide us with a direct conduit to unknown in 21st century. Can these denizens phenomenal events be attempting communicate warning humanity this uncertain age prophesied change? Take journey around world stalking tricksters! Since 1992 Christopher O’Brien has investigated mysterious San Luis Valley (in CO/NM)-possibly America’s most anomalous region. Among high-strange he there elsewhere dozens reports unusual “trickster” characters including: Bigfoot, devils, crypto-creatures, witches. He also other fantastic trickster-like phenomena worldwide. O’Brien’s Mysterious book series numerous TV radio appearances been appreciated millions. Join him on intriguing quest identify tricksters impacting modern age.