True Stories of Heroes

Thirteen thrilling true stories of courage and heroism. From firefighters battling a blazing nuclear reactor, to helicopter rescue team on board fast sinking ship one housewife’s brave defiance the Gestapo, this book contains inspiring tales extraordinary from everyday people. A gripping engaging collection amazing real life stories, perfect for readers who prefer fact fiction.

Thirty-three incredible stories of animal heroics from the team that brought you Blue Peter Award-winning SURVIVORS For as long there have been wars, animals out saving lives. Courageous dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even a bear shown courage devotion, this book tells their extraordinary stories. Includes story Jet Alsatian who became hero Blitz, pulling survivors burning rubble, night after night. Gallipoli Murphy, donkey served an ambulance. Simon, cat saved his crew. And many, many more. These help us to remember not all heroes are human. Glorious full-colour double-page illustrations throughout. Praise for series: ‘True-story fans will love this.’ Inis Children’s Books Ireland ‘Full real-life . Ultimately inspirational book, beautifully illustrated.’ Angels Urchins ‘A great collection harrowing, true survivor stories.’ Kirkus

A gripping collection of stories courage and heroism. From a brave housewife’s defiance the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, to doctor’s risking her life treat patients battle zone, this book contains inspiring tales extraordinary from everyday people. Illustrations: Full colour throughout