Why Can’t I be a Dinosaur

Today is Aunt Daisy’s wedding and Nellie knows exactly what she wants to wear — it’s not her flower-girl dress. An hilarious read-aloud story by the creative team behind CBCA Notable Book, Whale in Bath.

Hip-Hop is the largest youth culture in history of planet rock. This first poetry anthology by and for generation. It has produced generations artists who have revolutionized their genre(s) applying aesthetic innovations culture. The BreakBeat Poets features 78 poets, born somewhere between 1961-1999, All-City Coast-to-Coast, are creating next now movement(s) American letters. people love Hip-Hop, fans culture, who’ve never read a poem, thought poems were only something done dead white dudes got lost forest, heads. meant to expand idea poet what poem for. scribes recording remixing fuller spectrum experience it means be alive this moment. break with past an honoring tradition(s), undeniable body expanding canon fresher.

The world of Dino Vicelli, a time wherein animals rule the and humans fit into their world. world-famous cigar-smoking talking Italian greyhound is at it again. evil Dr. Senrab performing his experiments cloning to try get perfect species race control. Vicelli Goes Washington second in series. wakes up DC find its not politics as usual. His private detective work takes him intrigue, espionage, against time. Vicellis now involves newly elected Dogacrats Doghouse stop plot infiltrating U.S. Russian governments. Could this madman control by ability clone important government officials? never leaves home without cigar, but could that one puff on cigar alter life?