Wikkid Myths: More Great

‘Science is the great antidote to poison of enthusiasm and superstition.’ – Adam Smith, Wealth Nations, 1776 Columbus never set foot in America. Piranhas are deadliest fish. A purring cat a happy cat. Cleopatra was insanely beautiful. All natural products safe. Oranges richest source vitamin C. You can tell liar just by looking their eyes. Roswell alien autopsy proved that intelligent aliens visited us. And Dr Karl wears hoodie lab coat work every day. Some these true some not. Well, last one definitely But inside covers you’ll find out whether there’s dis information about other wikkid myths . Kruszelnicki Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at University Sydney. He appears on triple J ABC radio stations, BBC radio, regular guest Kochie Mel Channel 7’s Sunrise. this his 24th book, based popular Good Weekend column, ‘Mythconceptions’.

India is particularly rich in colourful follore. These stories, told by parents to their children for many generations, make a and dazzling collection of mythological tales drawn from great heritage Hindu epics – the life god Krishna how monkey Hanuman helped defeat Demon King Ravan host other magical spectacular creatures. The stories are arranged according sequence year each prefaced with short personal anecdote author’s childhood. Beautifully illustrated throughout black line tone Michael Foreman.

A GREAT READ FOR KIDS! In this volume you will find 14 of the most popular Norse Myths and Tales rewritten especially for children. stories like Odin’s Reward, Tyr Wolf, Freyja’s Necklace, The Hammer Thor, Gift from Frigga, Stealing Iduna, Skadi, Ægir’s Feast more. This little is outcome several years’ experience telling classic myths to classes There are graphic descriptions in tales hard struggle with rugged nature severe climate North. adventures equally men women, bravery heroes a time when were needed knighted achieving great feats – hose were. Then, too, moral tone higher, purer, more steadfast than that Greek tales, congenial our Western point view which has been influenced by Teuton Greek. But simply not number made up many works consulted preparation volume, compilers indebted following: Thorpe’s translation Sæmund’s “Edda”; “The Younger Edda,” translations; Anderson’s “Norse Mythology”; Guerber’s “Myths Northern Lands”; William Mary Howitt’s “Literature Romance Europe”; Mallet’s “Northern Antiquities.”